Integrated Advertising Solution


Unlock the full potential of Digital Advertising 

Bid and buy with confidence


Reach your desired audience with highly intelligent targeting using the formats of your choice across a wide range of media. From traditional to emerging channels such as Audio, DOOH, and CTV, leverage the DSP to buy with confidence. Powered by advanced AI, our DSP adheres to the highest industry standards while powering data-driven advertising for performance, branding, and prospecting campaigns.



Audience Management

Discover new audiences easily by leveraging our powerful lookalike and overlap audience discovery tools to extend your reach and tap into previously hard-to-discover opportunities.


Execute audio campaigns programmatically with full support for the discovery, purchase, and targeting of premium audio placements.

Automated Guaranteed

Benefit from the power of automation and streamlined workflows for the discovery, purchase and management of all guaranteed ad buys.

Brand Safety

Bid with peace of mind while our extensive suite of brand safety tools keeps you safe and makes sure you only pay for exactly the inventory you want.

Creative Management Platform

Take advantage of our powerful real-time creative self-service tools to rapidly create and modify your creative assets for maximum impact and relevancy.


In a multi-device world, we take the guesswork out of cross-device by creating a seamless audience profile ready to receive your message no matter what device your message reaches them on.

Digital Out OF Home

From airports to city streets, we provide access to a wide range of premium out of home screens with advanced reporting and flexible programmatic purchasing options.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Optimize your creative in real time using our DCO PRO suite for maximum impact and persuasive storytelling across all channels at scale.

Machine Learning & Automation

From lightning fast algorithms that optimize bidding in real-time to automatic budget reallocations, our research platform enables best-in-class machine learning to cater to your needs and work towards your business goals.


Discover and buy programmatic and guaranteed inventory, including print and digital out of home, in one seamless interface for a more intuitive and unified buying experience.


Tie into a wealth of premium mobile inventory with fantastic format support, tracking and advanced reporting.


Give your ads the look and feel of the content they appear alongside for higher engagement and strong brand association.

Programmatic Branding

Take your branding campaign global by leveraging the power of premium programmatic with advanced targeting and powerful customization capabilities.

Programmatic Print

Effortlessly buy traditional print alongside digital for seamlessly integrated campaigns.

Rich Media

Leverage the industry’s most comprehensive Rich Media ad and video formats support for high impact results.


Discover, buy and execute advanced video campaigns across a wide variety of premium publishers at scale.